Advertising Formats

Below are’s standard digital advertising formats and specifications. For questions about any format, please contact Keri D’Onofrio at

.13% Average CTR
.07% Average Industry CTR
.05 TV Response Rate
.13% Radio Response Rate
.03% Outdoor Response Rate


Align your brand with the best content available in wine, spirits and beer publishing. Our premium content can be sponsored anywhere on, providing you with a deeply integrated branding experience.

Custom and Native Content Programs

At Wine Enthusiast Digital, we focus exclusively on reaching a wide range of wine drinkers — from discerning experts to wide-eyed newcomers open to experimentation and thirsty for knowledge.

Our audience wants to learn about your brand, and we offer many ways to introduce and integrate your message that are contextual and effective — from dedicated emails to sponsored videos to socially-charged branded-content programs. No matter your goal, Wine Enthusiast Digital can create custom or native programs that reach and connect with the right audience at the right time.

Whether you want to generate social buzz, drive traffic to your site, or grow sales online and in-store, we help our clients in all facets of their marketing and media mix. We offer branded video content, custom editorial content, social contests, integration into editorial franchises, innovative high impact ad units, local in-market events and much more.

Branded Content Opportunities

40 Under 40: Meet the under 40 set who are changing the wine, spirits and beer industries.

50 Shades of Pink: Wine Enthusiast’s 50 Shades of Pink rosé selector will help you on your journey to discover the best rosés according to shade of pink.

Top 100 Wine Restaurants: Each year we rate and review the top 100 wine restaurants in the US.

Top 10 Wine Travel Destinations: Our editors visit the best locales around the world that typify the wine lifestyle.


Wine Enthusiast has several methods for sponsors to reach our opt-in email databases, including banner placements and dedicated email blasts. Our email products perform above industry averages:

Average Open Rates


Average CTR



Top Shelf is a weekly e-newsletter that reaches a large audience of wine enthusiasts. The focus is on unique, entertaining, and informative offerings, with links to the best and latest recommendations on wines, pairings and the products that enhance the lifestyle of wine.

Banner size: 728×90
Frequency: Weekly
Subscribers: 300,000



Sponsors can send their own email creative to our opt-in list of consumer or trade subscribers. Creative can be provided, or we can design, write and build your email creative (additional fees apply). There is limited inventory for this popular product so be sure to reserve your dedicated blast today!

Consumer Subscribers: 300,000
Trade Subscribers:



To reach members of the trade, Wine Enthusiast offers the Advance Buying Guide. Each issue contains the ratings and reviews of nearly 1,300 wines and spirits that will appear in the upcoming issue of Wine Enthusiast magazine and in its online review database. These are sent three weeks prior to the magazine’s publication.

Wine Enthusiast’s trade email marketing is an ideal opportunity for advertisers who want to reach members of the wine and spirits industry.

Banner size: 728×90
Frequency: Monthly (semi-monthly in Nov. and Dec.)
Readership: Retailers, restaurateurs, hotels and bars, wine marketers, importers, distributors, public relations, and press.
Subscribers: 10,000


Launched in 2016 and hosted by Wine Enthusiast’s editors, contributors and featured guests, our podcast provides a deep dive into the worlds of wine, beer, spirits, food, entertaining and more. With over 15,000 downloads, the podcast is the fastest growing wine-focused podcast today. It is available on iTunes, Google Play and most podcast apps. Download and listen here.

Recent episodes include:

  • The What, Where and When of Cellaring Wine
  • Wine & Food Holiday Traditions
  • Moody Cocktails
  • Wine Myths Debunked
  • Oscar Worthy Entertaining

Episode Sponsorship

Sponsoring a podcast episode means reaching a young, engaged audience. As one of our most popular multimedia programs, it is also affordable for any brand.

Sponsorship includes:

  • Two 15-second audio spots (pre- or mid- and post-show). The audio ad is read out loud by the podcast host, providing a completely native experience. Sponsors can provide the script for the ad, or we can write it.
  • Roadblock ad placements and sponsor logo with a 50-word marketing paragraph are displayed on the podcast episode landing page. The logo and marketing copy can be linked to the sponsor’s website.
  • 30 days of ROS banner impressions on for a 728×90 or 300×600 ad unit.


Banner campaigns on are one of the most effective media investments you can make. Our advertisers feel confident that there are no wasted impressions when targeting our wine and food-centric audience who are poised to take action.

Banner sizes:

  • 728×90
  • 970×90
  • 300×600
  • 300×250
  • 320×50 (mobile)

Rich Media

Rich Media banners have an average click through rate of .44%, which is 200% higher than standard banners due to their high-impact formats and premium placements on our site.

Pushdown – 970×90 wide and expands to 415 tall. The expanded unit can display video, sweepstakes, social media, quizzes, articles, slideshows, ecommerce and data capture functionality.

Portrait – 300 x 1050. This unit can be divided into 3 content areas. Content can include video, sweepstakes, social media, quizzes, articles, slideshows, ecommerce and data capture functionality.

Film Strip – 300 x 600. This unit is divided into 5 content areas sized 300×600. User scrolls up or down to view content modules. Content can include video, sweepstakes, social media, quizzes, articles, slideshows, ecommerce and data capture functionality.

Wine Enthusiast will design and build an extremely engaging, custom rich media ad unit for your brand. Talk to your account executive today.

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