2017 Digital Editorial Calendar

Wine Basics Features

Millions of people visit each month to learn about the fundamentals of wine. These are our most popular online features, and provide brands with a highly contextual, relevant place to market to a young audience eager to learn about wines. Sponsors can include their branding on one or more of these popular features:

FebruaryHow to Order Wine in a Restaurant: 14 Alternatives to Panicking

March: 5 Most Popular Varieties Drilled Down

April: Decanting: When? Why? And For How Long?

May: Red Versus White

June: Chillable Reds

July: White Wines and Cheese Pairings

August: The Best Wines for Pizza

September: What Does a Sommelier Do?

October: Why Sparkling Wine is the Most Food-Friendly Wine

November: Cabernet Sauvignon from Around the World

December: The Sparkling Spectrum



Wine Basics Video

People love watching videos online and our Wine Fundamentals videos provide a fun and educational experience for our digital audiences. Sponsors can run pre-roll video ads during any of these how-to videos:

January: How Well Do You Really Know Cocktails?

February: How to Open a Wine Bottle

March: Red Wine 101

April: How to Pop a Champagne Cork

May: White Wine 101

June: How to Choose the Right Glass

July: Sparkling Wine 101

August: How to Decant

September: Winemaking 101

October: Holding and Pouring Wine Like a Sommelier

November: Beer 101



Foodie Cities Newsletter

This is a new monthly newsletter series where our editors choose an American city that’s a go-to for gastronomes, and do a deep dive into the vibe and trends that puts that city at the top of any foodies’ list. Featuring exclusive sommelier and chef interviews, local recipes and more, this is a trendsetter’s must-follow missive. This newsletter is one of our best wine and food promotions of the year. Talk to your Wine Enthusiast account manager to learn more.

May: Louisville, KY

June: Indianapolis, IN

July: Sioux Falls, SD

August: Asheville, NC

September: Boise, ID

October: Albuquerque

November: Richmond, VA

December: Baton Rouge, LA

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